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Electrical charges can be disastrous in static sensitive environments such as those in Electronics, Chemical, even Pharmaceutical and Healthcare facilities. There have been set norms for anti-static flooring which these industries have to implement. ESD epoxy flooring from us also called anti-static flooring safeguards both sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from an electrostatic discharge (ESD). The ESD epoxy flooring typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to drain potential static discharge and needs to be grounded or earthed.

There are many components in your industry or work space that are sensitive to an ESD which include computers, mobile phones, tablets and television, metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chips found in CPUs and graphic cards; transistor-transistor logic (TTL) chips; transistors, laser diodes (LD); high precision resistors and blue-light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and other. You need an anti-static or ESD flooring to prevent these valuable equipments from damage.

Also the electrostatic discharge can harm your employees as well as cause fires and explosions when working with flammable materials. The ESD epoxy flooring will help in preventing just catastrophic hazards and help to reduce the risk of any such damage.

In addition the ESD flooring unlike the ESD floor paints that are latex or acrylic based that show signs of coating failure in a mere two years time the ESD epoxy flooring will last for a long time with little maintenance that is resealing.

The ESD epoxy flooring is far superior to latex paints and is highly resistant to chemicals, temperature and other harsh conditions. Also, the ESD epoxy is perfect for high foot traffic areas as it is stain and scratch resistance. With powerful permanent conductivity ESD epoxy flooring capable of handling forklift and other heavy duty industrial traffic.

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