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We offer comprehensive solutions for all indoor and outdoor tiling projects which require efficient professional installation without compromise on quality of finish. These include but are not limited to pools, spas, both indoor & outdoor walkways, bathrooms & washrooms, kitchens and commercial preparation areas. Our tilers are especially accomplished at pool & spa tiling, as well as fine patterned layouts for floor and wall tiles that result in a uniquely luxurious decorative look.


How To Choose Flooring Tiles For Your Home?


When we talk about renovation, the first thing that comes across our mind is the flooring. However as the technology advances nowadays, there are more & more kinds of finishes available in the market. Today we shall take a look on the one of the most basic, most traditional and yet most evergreen method of floor finish, tiles.

There are generally 3 kinds of tiles in the market (excluding those for outdoor and exquisite ones), porcelain, homogenous & ceramic. So what are their difference and their pro & cons? These are the pointers you may take note while choosing them.


Homogenous & Porcelain Tiles


Both homogenous & porcelain tiles come in all sizes ranging from 250mm x 250mm to 1200mm x 1200mm. In the case of BTOs, 600mm x 600mm is the most recommended size due to factors such as to reduce wastage & proportionate aesthetic fitting compared to other sizes. Homogenous tiles also come in different finishes. Namely polished, matt, rough & semi gloss.

Polished tiles are most commonly used in living area & bedrooms to create bigger space visually while matt ones are more meant for kitchen & rough ones for slip proof areas such as bathrooms. In the recent years of trends, semi gloss tiles have also been selectively used out of commercial concept into residential to fit certain interior design.

Moreover, homogenous tiles have also been used as wall tiles in some kitchen & toilet design. This is usually to provide sleek and simple design minimalist flavours the most. However bear in mind that as they are “hard tiles” that do not take in moisture well compared to ceramic tiles, hollowness tend to happen occasionally & hence cracks might happen when you try to mount sanitary accessories.


Ceramic Tiles


They are e more commonly chosen by home owners as wall tiles in kitchen & toilets. Normaly “soft” in nature. It has the largest range of varieties & design compared to other types of tiles. They come in various sizes and the most recommended one in Singapore HDBs are 300mm x 600mm. They are usually laid horizontally to “upsize” the bathrooms and also to match the grouting on the floor tiles (whereby the recommended floor tiles sizes are usually 300mm x 300mm) as well.


How to differentiate homogenous, ceramics or porcelain tiles?


Ceramic tiles have round edging on the surface side while Homogenous/porcelain tiles have square edging.


Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Services


We lay all types of tiles including – ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, stone, and vinyl tiles in a wide range of areas such as your entire bathroom, a whole swimming pool, all outdoor tiling work, kitchen splashback, floor tiling and wall tiling inside and outside your home.

Floor Fitters provides the following services at Contractor Price:

  • Floor & Wall Tiling
  • Screed
  • Waterproofing
  • Sealing
  • Grouting & Re-grouting
  • Tile Patch Up
  • BTO Tiling
  • Bathrooms & Toilets
  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Balcony Tiling
  • Swimming Pool Tiling
  • Indoor & Outdoor Tiling

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