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How To Grout A Shower Wall – EASY Step-By-Step Guide

removing tile grouting

The very first thing that I’m gonna do is mask around this ceiling. I ran my tile up to the ceiling, but a lot of people don’t do that. A lot of people will run the tile just right above the shower head and then drywall above to where you don’t have to do this, but in my case, I’m gonna have to.

So what I’m gonna do is just take my hand masker and just mask off right up to the tile.

Next, I’m gonna remove all this tape that I use to install the bull nose, the plastic shims, and also the spacers in the tile.

Whenever you install tile, you’re going to get some thin set on the tile. It’s just nature of the beast. You’re trying to work with the thin set and it’s gonna be on your hands and you’re gonna touch the tile. So the best thing that I’ve found is to use a razor blade scraper and just knock the bulk off like so. First on each tile and after you knock the bulk off, you’re going to wanna clean out all the joints between the tile.

You’re gonna have thin set that pushes up through in a lot of them. And if you watch my video, you can check out the link in the top right hand corner of the screen. But I explained that I usually take a pencil while I’m installing and scrape out the thin set, but in some places you still miss it.

So I’m gonna show you the best way that I’ve found to remove it after it’s set up. Here’s a perfect example of thin set that has pushed through the joint and you can see the spacers are actually broke off in behind it as well. This one didn’t break off too good, but it’s still out of the way. So I’m gonna first go over the joint with the razor blade and we’re gonna get bulk off.

And then what I’ll do is I’ll actually go on the edge of the tile and start cutting into that thin set.

So I’ll angle it right into it and then I’ll start flattening out the razor blade as I’m going. And after that I’m going to go up to the next joint. That’s right, well not the next joint, but I’m going to go up to the other tile and do the same thing and I’m just going to slowly ease my way into that joint and then just kind of clean up in that joint a little better. So something like that.

And that looks really good. And now if we take a rag and just clean that joint really good, it’s going to be nice and clean. So grout will fit down into here without showing any thin set poking through.

Now that I got the thin set cleaned out between the joints and I use my rag to get the tough stuff off, what I’m gonna do now is take a sponge and some clean water and I’m going to go over each tile with a sponge that’s damp just to remove all the dirt because you don’t want that mixing in with your grout while you’re applying it because it’s gonna show up in it and you want a very clean looking grout line.

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