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Balcony Tiling

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Tiling your balcony can help to make a more wonderful and effectively kept up entertainment region; however there are a couple of must-dos before you begin stirring up your grout. We should begin with discovering the right sort of tile.

Presently like never before there are more tiles to look over than any time in recent memory, so narrowing down your decisions helps a ton. Verify you go for tiles that won’t peer messy inside of a day: more common hues, for example, terracotta tiles or characteristic stone tiles don’t show up the soil as much and are more qualified to the harsher states of the outside.

It’s likewise a smart thought to pick tiles that are bigger in size. Bigger tiles are by and large more grounded than littler tiles, which can split and break all the more effortlessly underneath. Bigger tiles likewise make for speedier establishment.

Balcony Tiling

Balconies Tiling

Balcony Tiling Singapore

Tiling Specialist Singapore

What are the main facts you have to consider while installing tiles to your balcony?


Picking tiles for a balcony can be a genuinely overwhelming undertaking. There are so many tiling options including shading, size, as well as finishes like glazed, porcelain, ceramic, glass, cork, or natural stone. A good tiling job should last 50 years, so it’s worth doing some research before you commit.

Talk to “Floor Fitters Tiling”, the Tiling Specialist, about your ideas. We are acquainted with a range of tiling products and are more than happy to advise you on what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few tips and points to consider before choosing your tiles:

Look past the slab

Let your creative ability run wild, as opposed to sulk about how big the space is. In the event that you can’t imagine how diversely the balcony may look and feel, you’re unrealistic to be effective making a change. Trust it can be a spot you adore, and it should be so! No matter what size your balcony is, tiling can be done in how you imagine.

Develop from the base

It’s the solid slab that has been the centre of your gallery hopelessness, so begin at the base! Browse for the perfect style of tile which would suite your balcony and which would accommodate your budget as well. That is something really important. Make sure your balcony would look nice and elegant with the tile you have chosen. And with that, have a bistro table with one or two chairs and your dream balcony is ready.

Decide the colour of the tile

It’s time for the colour now. Choosing a proper colour to your balcony is definitely a big task. Try not to let yourself be restricted to the impartial inside patterns. This is your opportunity to be wild! Select some bright colours which would make your balcony look elegant.


There are few more things to consider while installing tiles to your balcony.


Verify that you likewise pick a concrete and grout appropriate to the open air range you plan to utilize it in. There are likewise a lot of shaded concretes to browse nowadays, as well, so it’s awesome to go for something that truly suits your tile decision and style.

Obviously, a standout amongst the most imperative things to recollect about tiling open air balcony is to seal it legitimately. Balcony Waterproofing can counteract water leaking under the tiles over the long haul and making harm to the structure of the gallery itself, which can prompt breaks and further harm to the floors underneath. “Floor Fitters Singapore tiling” has special ways to prevent leakage in your balcony after installing your tiles.


Why choose Floor Fitters for your balcony tiling?


When tiling balconies, a common mistake most tilers make is that they do not spend the extra time to waterproof the balcony correctly.

Why is this important? If the waterproofing is done properly, it acts as a membrane, stopping water seeping through to the materials underneath, preventing unnecessary damage and leakages over time.

Our tilers take great care in ensuring the balconies we tile are waterproofed correctly then screed to create the fall for water to lead to the drainage point. This ensures that the end result will not only look fantastic, but will also be long lasting.

Looking for balcony tiling services? We specialise in balcony tile installation, tile repair, and comprehensive balcony renovation. Elevate your balcony with our professional touch. Contact us today.