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Cement Screed Flooring

What is Cement Screed Flooring

At Floorfitters, we specialize in providing top-quality cement screeding solutions that create the perfect base for all types of flooring. Our expert services ensure a smooth, even surface that is essential for the durability and appearance of your final floor covering.

What is Cement Screed flooring

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Cement screeding is the process of applying a mixture of cement and sand to create a sturdy, level base for laying final floor coverings such as tiles, hardwood, or carpet. This layer, known as a screed, is essential for correcting any unevenness in the underlying surface and providing a strong, durable foundation that supports the floor above.

Effective screeding improves the longevity and appearance of your flooring, making it essential for both new constructions and renovations.

Benefits of Cement Screeding

  1. Level Surfaces: Cement screed is essential for creating perfectly flat and level surfaces, which are crucial for the proper installation of floor finishes. Uneven flooring can lead to issues like tile cracking and improper wood floor installations.
  2. Speed of Installation: Modern screeding techniques and fast-curing screed options allow for quicker installation times. Fast-drying screeds can be walkable within 24 to 48 hours, speeding up construction schedules significantly.
  3. Durability: Cement screed is known for its durability and longevity, making it an ideal base for various types of floor coverings. When installed properly and maintained correctly, cement screed can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years or more, depending on environmental conditions and the level of foot traffic.
    This long lifespan makes it a cost-effective solution over time, as it helps to protect the floor coverings above it, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Why Choose Floorfitters for Your Flooring Needs?

  • Precision and Quality: Our experienced team applies advanced screeding techniques to ensure a perfectly level base for your flooring.
  • Durability: Our screeds are designed to withstand the test of time and traffic, maintaining their integrity and appearance.
  • Speed of Service: We prioritize efficiency and timeliness, minimizing disruption without compromising on quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to excellence, with countless satisfied customers attesting to our expertise and attention to detail.

Our Services Include:

cement screed for home

Residential Screeding: Ideal for homes, ensuring a smooth finish suitable for any floor type.

cement screed industrial warehouse factory

Commercial Screeding: Built to last in high-traffic areas, perfect for businesses and commercial properties

custom cement screed

Custom Screeding Solutions: Tailored services to meet the specific needs of your unique project.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

“Floorfitters provided the perfect foundation for our new hardwood floors. The precision in their screeding work was evident. A top-notch service!” — Jane Doe, Local Business Owner

“The level of detail and efficiency Floorfitters brought to our home renovation was incredible. The screeding was perfectly done, and the team was a pleasure to work with.” — John Smith, Homeowner

Ready to Transform Your Space?

For smooth, strong, and durable floors, start with the best base. Contact us today to discuss your project or get a direct quote. Let us help you achieve the flawless finish your space deserves.

    Screeding is essential because it provides a level and sturdy base for your final floor coverings, such as tiles, wood, or carpet. It helps to eliminate uneven surfaces and increases the durability and longevity of the floor.

    The drying time for cement screed can vary depending on the thickness of the screed and the environmental conditions. Generally, it takes about 1 to 2 days per millimetre of thickness to dry enough to walk on. For full curing, it is typically advised to wait at least 28 days before laying the final flooring.

    Yes, cement screeding can be applied in various areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and commercial spaces. However, the specific type of screed and application technique may vary based on the area’s requirements and the type of flooring to be installed.

    There are several types of cement screed, including traditional sand and cement screed, fast-drying screeds, self-levelling screeds, and liquid screeds. Each type has its advantages and specific use-cases, depending on the project requirements.

    While the screed itself is usually covered by another flooring material, maintaining the screed during the curing process involves keeping it clean and protected from moisture and traffic. After the flooring is installed, the maintenance will depend on the type of top flooring chosen.

    The cost of cement screeding can vary based on the type of screed used, the area’s size, and the specific requirements of the project. Generally, it is considered a cost-effective method for achieving a durable and level floor.

    Yes, cement screed is an excellent conductor of heat, making it suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. The screed effectively encases the heating elements and distributes the heat evenly across the floor.