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Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling Singapore

At FloorFitters, we install elegant bathroom tiles and offer a prompt, reliable tiling service throughout Singapore. Whether you require sophisticated wall or floor tiling for your toilets, bathrooms, or showers, we are here to enhance your space. Imagine waking up each morning and stepping into an exquisitely tiled bathroom—this simple pleasure can be uplifting. Sometimes, instead of a full renovation, a professional clean and seal might be all you need to restore your bathroom’s sparkle. Looking for expert tiling solutions? We specialise in bathroom tiling as well as toilet wall and floor tiling across Singapore.

Bathroom Tiling Singapore

Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling Singapore

Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling Designs

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

porcelain tilingThese popular bathroom tiles come in a wide array of colours and shapes, mimicking stone or wood. They offer a broad selection to match any decor, are durable, and remain intact for years when glazed properly. However, one drawback is their hardness, which can be uncomfortable underfoot, and they cannot be effectively softened due to their hardened material composition

Plastic Laminated Tiles

plastic laminted tiles bathroom

Plastic Laminate Tiles are another tile type suitable for bathrooms. These tiles are mostly available as planks and fit perfectly onto a bathroom floor without causing major height changes. The tiles are laminated with materials similar to those used for making countertops, offering an appealing look. The tiles are also easy to clean. However, there is less variety in design and shape. Another disadvantage is that water can infiltrate into the core of the tiles, causing them to swell and deform. Care must be taken during installation to ensure that all gaps that can admit water are sealed.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are another popular bathroom tile, and is considered a better option in a bathroom tile than the ceramic and porcelain tiles. Vinyl tiles are popular for their comfort and durability. They are also very practical and very easy to install. Vinyl tiles are suitable for all bathrooms in your home, and they are cost effective.

Wood Tiles

wood tiles

Though not very common, wood floor tiles can be used by the fearless. These tiles are elegantly designed, and the finish is just perfect. They will make your bathroom look amasing, but if the water penetrates the finish, the tile will stain and rot for good. Wood tiles are most suitable for a powder room.

Stone Tiles

stone tiles bathroom

Stone tiles are made from limestone, slate, marble and granite and are available in different shapes and finishes with various colours such as red, green, gold, silver and blue. The texture of the tiles varies. Stone tiles require more care than ceramic tiles. They need to be cleaned and polished regularly, and they should be sealed to last longer.

Glass Tiles

glass tiles bathroom

Perhaps the most stylish of all types of tiles are the glass tiles. If installed properly the tiels can last for long without getting damaged. They also slip resistant, and you can get them either transparent or tinted. They look good and would perfectly fit your bathroom.


Over the past ten years, we have completed hundreds of bathroom tiling projects for both new and established homes in Singapore. Our master tilers are trained to get the job done right the first time. In fact, we are regularly contracted to fix jobs that other tilers were unable to complete properly. We strive for the best possible result with your bathroom tiling, a result of which both you and our team will be proud for years to come.

At Floor Fitters Tiling Services, we offer complete non-structural bathroom tiling services. Our experienced team of Tilers in Singapore enables us to provide our customers with the highest standard of service in the projects, including project management, coordination between tradespeople, and professional advice on standards, tolerances, and enhancement time frames.

Our Singapore tiling team comprises well-practiced and experienced Bathroom Tiling professionals. We have experienced staff to assist with planning, material selection, colour choices, and more. We possess all the equipment necessary for bathroom renovations and restoration. Tiles, marble, and mosaic are water-resistant materials, so they are well-suited to withstand the high levels of moisture typical in bathrooms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of tiles is best for a bathroom?

For the best tiles for a bathroom, opt for porcelain tiles. Porcelain is durable, highly water-resistant, and resistant to scratching and staining, ensuring your bathroom tiles last a long time.

Which tiles look best in the bathroom?

  1. Ceramic Tiles: A popular choice, ceramic tiles are non-porous, scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, and affordable. They offer a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and finishes.
  2. Porcelain Tiles: Highly durable and water-resistant, porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance and come in various colors and designs, including options resembling stone or wood.
  3. Mosaic Tiles: Trendy and versatile, mosaic tiles offer a luxurious look with options like glass and marble. Marble tiles, in particular, are durable and add texture to the bathroom design.
  4. Glass Tiles: Perfect for customization, glass tiles come in a range of colors and shapes, reflecting light and visually enlarging small spaces while being naturally water-resistant.
  5. Natural Stone Tiles: Bring the outdoors in with natural stone tiles, offering a high-end look, versatility, and various colors, sizes, and materials to choose from.
  6. Terracotta Tiles: Ideal for an earthy, warm aesthetic, terracotta tiles come in red and orange shades but require sealing to prevent staining and moisture absorption.

What is the best tile for a bathroom in Singapore?

When it comes to bathrooms in Singapore, porcelain tiles are your best bet. They’re durable, highly resistant to water, and tough against scratches and stains. Perfect for Singapore’s humid climate, they ensure your bathroom stays looking fresh for years to come.

How much should tile cost for a bathroom in singapore

The cost of tiles for a bathroom in Singapore can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of tile, quality, brand, and size of the bathroom. On average, for basic ceramic or porcelain tiles, you can expect to pay around SGD $5 to $10 per square foot.

However, prices can go higher for premium tiles or if you opt for imported or designer tiles. Additionally, installation costs should be factored into your budget, which can range from SGD $3 to $10 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the job and the contractor’s rates.