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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floorings are very reliable due to their excellent qualities in order to meet tough demands of flooring in today’s time. Epoxy resins can be adjusted according to the need for hardness and elasticity, and can be developed specifically for the commercial purposes like in industries, malls and other such places where there is more rough and tough use.

Epoxy floor coating provides a clean and non-slippery surface even when wet; it is dust-free and resistant to acids and therefore suitable for industries and other commercial places. Epoxy floor coating adheres well to the surface such as concrete and thus is a great option for shopping mall, car park, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial plants. There are also other benefits like the following that has made epoxy flooring a favourite choice for commercial flooring:

  • Easy To Clean

Our epoxy floor coatings are durable and provide seamless surfaces that can easily be wiped free of dirt, dust, and debris. Thus these are ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries

  • Durable

Our epoxy floor coatings are durable and last for years without requirement of any repairs

  • Attractive Flooring Surface

Our epoxy floor coatings have high gloss shine and are available in a variety of different colors, styles and texture which give an attractive look to your place

  • Chemically Resistant Surface

Epoxy floor coatings are resistant to chemicals and other adhesives

  • Fire Resistant

Our epoxy floor coatings are fire resistant and thus will keep you safe

  • Cost Effective

Our epoxy floor coatings are most cost effective flooring solutions

We are a reputable manufacturer and installer of high performance epoxy floor coating systems for commercial and industrial as well as residential projects in Singapore. Our systems are designed and engineered to be an enduring solution, providing optimum performance and benefits to our clients. Check out Epoxy Flooring Basement by adding quartz or other flaxes to give it a refreshing new look.