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Tile Repair

Tile Repair Singapore


Are you having cracked ceramic tiles, are they chipped terrazzo tiles or you just have loose porcelain tiles dotting your floors and walls? At Fresh Tile & Grout Cleaning Singapore, we have all it takes to restore and bring glamour to your tiled house or premises so long as you have some spare tiles for the repair work.

We are expert in the following Tile Repair Singapore areas.

We are known for doing Ceramic tile repairs as well as porcelain tile repairs and the same to all slate tile repairs. You should come to us for limestone tile repair and also marble tile repair because we do terracotta tile repair and even all the terrazzo tile repairs, don’t hesitate, come to us with those granite tile repair works and we will be available to provide you same day service. We expeditiously carry out Tile Repair Singapore services in offices, companies, hospitals, clinics, schools, homes, bars, cafes, restaurants, pool pavers, swimming pools, showers, bathrooms, and kitchens


Our Tile Repair Singapore Process


We know how daunting and tricky it can be for anyone with damaged tiles, the affected area compromises the decor of the entire room. When you come to Tile repair Singapore, depending on the nature of your work, some damaged tiles can actually be glued back into position and thereafter the joined line will not be noticeable at all. Other tiles shall be replaced entirely and then grouted. It is imperative for you to have some spare tiles with you in the house to facilitate such repairs. In case you do not have the required spare tiles then you need to get in touch with any of the tile suppliers within your residential area so that you can promptly buy the tiles before we come over to do your job.

Whenever you engage us, we come to your site with high quality equipment suitable for such assignments, which will be utilized in the repair and replacement of your tiles. We also carry with us an assortment of adhesives, sealers and grouts for the purpose of repairing all affected sections of your house in a very effective and efficient manner whether internally or externally. We offer the following Tile Repair Singapore Services.


Our core services consist of cleaning and also restoration of various tiles in all areas as listed:


  • Offices Tile Repair
  • Clinics Tile Repair
  • Homes Tile Repair
  • Schools Tile Repair
  • Restaurants Tile Repair
  • Cafes Tile Repair
  • Kitchens Tile Repair
  • Swimming Pools Tile Repair
  • Bathrooms Tile Repair
  • Patios Tile Repair


Types of Tile Repair Singapore services

  1. Ceramic tile repairs
  2. Granite tile repair
  3. Porcelain tile repairs
  4. Terracotta tile repair
  5. Limestone tile repair
  6. Slate tile repairs
  7. Marble tile repair
  8. Terrazzo tile repairs


We provide our Tile Repair Singapore services to:

  • Schools Tile Repair
  • Leading Restaurants and also Retail Shops
  • Medical centers  Tile Repair
  • Shopping Centers Tile Repair
  • Car Showrooms Tile Repair
  • Refurbishments and other Commercial Outfits
  • Airports Tile Repair
  • Homes Tile Repair


We provide the following Tile Repair Singapore services Various Schools, a number of Medical Centers, numerous Homes, and most offices based in Singapore:

  • Wall Tile repair Singapore
  • Floor Tile repair
  • Tile repair Singapore of expansively large open areas that include Pools Courtyards, Patios, and Balconies
  • Backyard Feature Wall Tile repair Singapore
  • Caulking of outside Tile repair Singapore and also inside works involving Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Balconies.
  • Waterproofing Tile repair Singapore
  • Swimming pools tile repair
  • Soundproofing Tile repair Singapore
  • Stonework  Tile Repair
  • Bathroom Tile repair Singapore
  • Paving Repair


Under Tile repair Singapore we also provide the following services:

  • Indoor Floor and Wall Tile repair Singapore Patios
  • Driveways Tile repair Singapore
  • Garages Tile repair Singapore
  • Down Spout and also Gutter Wash Tile repair Singapore
  • Pool Decks Tile repair Singapore
  • Porch and also Step Wash Tile repair Singapore
  • Fences Tile repair Singapore
  • Chimneys Tile repair Singapore
  • Walk Ways Tile repair Singapore
  • Deck Tile repair Singapore


Tile Repair Singapore Facts

We are fully aware of how frustrating and tricky damaged tiles can really be and also the extent that they can go in negatively impacting on the interior décor of the house. Various types of tiles need Tile Repair Singapore to be done in different ways. A number of them can be filled either using a similar or with an exactly matching filler, as is the typical case with most natural stones. The others need to be wholly removed and then re-installed.

If the sizes of the tiles are large, then more work shall be done so as to have it replaced. In most cases, much thicker and large formatted tiles calls for a bit more labour in doing the replacement. It is a general Tile Repair Singapore routine to have all old adhesive on the damaged tiles removed before installing new tiles. This enables the new tiles to actually be flush and at the same time avoid any slippage.


Our Commercial and residential Tile Repair Singapore Customers

We are experts of choice when it comes to commercial and also residential tiling of floors and walls. We have gained popularity when it comes to the provision of high quality and exemplified standards of work. Our cleaners always complete all our Tile Repair Singapore jobs within given budgets and stipulated time.

In case you require classical elegance or just a striking contemporary style you will surely find the perfect solution from the extensive range services that we provide. We give our best knowing that your home is very special.

Most of our Tile Repair Singapore customers come to us in need of cutting, grinding and fixing services that are required before removing and replacing their tiles. We handle all tile restoration jobs as much as we also do waterproofing assignments. Some other clients come to us needing screeding and soundproofing services, which we offer to all commercial and residential establishments that keep knocking on our door.


Our Tile Repair Singapore Team

Our team at Tile Repair Singapore is comprised of professional and highly trained experts in tile repair with the capability of assisting you in Tile Repair Singapore and replacing all broken tiles whether they are indoors or outdoors. All our staffs are duly licensed and fully insured. We give 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers.

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