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Tile Repair

Tile Repair Singapore

Do you have cracked ceramic tiles, chipped terrazzo tiles, or loose porcelain tiles dotting your floors and walls? At FloorFitters, we have everything needed to restore and bring glamour to your tiled house or premises, provided you have some spare tiles for the repair work.

We are experts in tile repairing in Singapore.

We are known for conducting repairs on ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as slate, limestone, marble, terracotta, terrazzo, and granite tiles. Don’t hesitate to bring your tile repair needs to us; we offer same-day service. We swiftly carry out tile repairing services across Singapore in various settings including offices, companies, hospitals, clinics, schools and homes.

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Why do you need tile repair?

When it comes to maintaining the safety and aesthetics of your home, addressing tile damage promptly is crucial. Over time, tiles can loosen or become damaged due to everyday wear and tear. This deterioration may be accelerated by accidents such as dropping heavy items on the tiles or dragging furniture across them, which can cause cracks, scratches, or breakage.

Additionally, dirt and debris accumulating along the edges of the tiles can weaken their adhesion, making them more susceptible to becoming loose. These loose and broken tiles not only detract from the appearance of your home but also pose significant safety risks. Sharp edges from broken tiles can cause injuries, particularly dangerous in homes with young children who are more prone to accidents.

Dislodged and Popping Tiles

Beyond simple looseness, tiles can also become dislodged, creating an unsafe and unsightly bulging effect on your floors or walls. This typically happens when an air pocket forms underneath the tiles, reducing their contact with the underlying adhesive. Over time, as pressure builds, these tiles may start to tent or bulge and can eventually pop out of place completely.

Such dislodgement not only compromises the integrity of your tile installation but also poses a tripping hazard and could potentially lead to more extensive damage if not addressed. Our repair services include rectifying these issues by ensuring that tiles are firmly re-adhered, eliminating any air gaps, and restoring the smooth, safe surface of your tiled areas.

Our Tile Repair Singapore Process

We understand how daunting and tricky it can be to deal with damaged tiles, as the affected area can compromise the decor of the entire room. At Floor Fitters Singapore, depending on the nature of the damage, some tiles can actually be glued back into position so seamlessly that the joint line will not be noticeable. Other tiles will need to be entirely replaced and then grouted. It is crucial for you to have some spare tiles on hand in your house to facilitate such repairs. If you do not have the required spare tiles, you should get in touch with any of the tile suppliers in your residential area so that you can promptly purchase the tiles before we come over to complete the job.

Whenever you engage us, we come to your site equipped with high-quality tools suitable for such tasks. We also bring an assortment of adhesives, sealers, and grouts to repair all affected sections of your house, both internally and externally, in a very effective and efficient manner. We offer the following Tile Repair Services in Singapore:

Our core services

  • Offices Tile Repair
  • Clinics Tile Repair
  • Homes Tile Repair
  • Schools Tile Repair
  • Restaurants Tile Repair
  • Kitchens Tile Repair
  • Swimming Pools Tile Repair
  • Bathrooms Tile Repair
  • Patios Tile Repair

Types of Tile Repair services

  1. Ceramic tile repairs
  2. Granite tile repair
  3. Porcelain tile repairs

We are fully aware of how frustrating and tricky damaged tiles can really be and also the extent that they can go in negatively impacting the interior décor of the house. Various types of tiles need Tile Repair Singapore to be done in different ways. A number of them can be filled either using a similar or an exactly matching filler, as is the typical case with most natural stones. The others need to be wholly removed and then re-installed.

If the sizes of the tiles are large, then more work shall be done so as to have them replaced. In most cases, much thicker and large formatted tiles call for a bit more labour in doing the replacement. It is a general Tile Repair Singapore routine to have all old adhesive on the damaged tiles removed before installing new tiles. This enables the new tiles to actually be flush and at the same time avoid any slippage.

Commercial and Residential Tile Repair

We are experts of choice when it comes to commercial and residential tiling of floors and walls. We have gained popularity when it comes to the provision of high quality and exemplified standards of work.

In case you require classical elegance or just a striking contemporary style, you will surely find the perfect solution from the extensive range of services that we provide. We give our best knowing that your home is very special.

Most of our customers come to us in need of cutting, grinding, and fixing services that are required before removing and replacing their tiles. We handle all tile restoration jobs as much as we also do waterproofing assignments. Some other clients come to us needing screeding and soundproofing services, which we offer to all commercial and residential establishments that keep knocking on our door.

Best Tile Repair in singapore

Our team at Floor Fitters Singapore consists of professional and highly trained experts in tile repair, capable of assisting you with the replacement of all broken tiles, whether they are indoors or outdoors. All our staff are duly licensed and fully insured. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers.

Past Clients


We enlisted FloorFitters for a tile overlay in our bathroom. They were prompt in their responses and FloorFitters took the time to explain the various options to us thoroughly. They personally inspected our bathroom tiles to ensure they would not come loose after the overlay. They did a commendable job overall and we will certainly reach out to them for future projects 🙂

A. Lee
Homeowner in Marsiling (Singapore)

The pricing is very fair given the high quality of workmanship. The project was completed on schedule and the process was seamless, without any significant issues. I had homogeneous tiles installed, which were excellently done. I will definitely consider them for future kitchen renovations. Thank you.

B. Tan
Homeowner in Serangoon (Singapore)

FloorFitters came highly recommended by my contractor, and I was very satisfied with my decision to go with them. The tiler who worked on my project was highly skilled and completed the overlay tiling job on time. Their pricing is competitive for the quality provided. I would recommend FloorFitters to my friends and family.

C. Sim
Homeowner in Woodlands (Singapore)