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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring in SIngapore is one of the hottest trends in decorative floor topping. Metallic epoxy allows you to transform your concrete in an array of glistening floor. Our metallic epoxy allows you to heighten the effects and give three-dimensional look to floors.

Metal epoxy flooring is a blend of two-component 100%-solids epoxy. It is specially formulated with metallic pigments. The fusion is self-levelling, alowing easy application and seamless floor surfaces.

There is a complete range of metallic colour and two many options to create varied texture by clever use of applied techniques. Our experts are so creative with metallic epoxy that they can create endless options and make every floor look like a master piece.

Metallic epoxy flooring is ideal for residential or commercial applicationswhere you want to glamorise the simple floor. Metallic epoxy has become a fad in retail stores, lobby areas, salons, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, and offices due to its super glamorous looks which are key component of all these industries.

Metallic epoxy can be easily used on high-traffic interior concrete floors because it has high abrasion and scratch resistance which can be easily maintained for long be applying resealing as per the traffic and load.

The finished look of metallic epoxy is smooth with glass like look that has a unique and subtle reflective shine. The metallic epoxy floors are very easy to clean and can be freed of dirt with just simple sweeping and mopping.

The metallic look of the floors will make your place look more brighter and attractive that will be pleasing for your clients. The aesthetic appeal of the floor comes with long durability and easy maintenance that will last for years.

We have more than 17 metallic colors which can be mixed to make innumerable options with different designs and patters. You can call us any time to get free consultation for best metallic solution as per your needs.