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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Marble and Limestone Polished


Marble and limestone are precious stones for which people spend fortunes to build exquisite looking buildings, floors and even various statues and objects. These are natural stones which have high value and therefore need good care and polish to maintain the natural beauty and shine.


Limestone or calcium carbonate under lot of heat and pressure gets metamorphosed into something which looks different from its original state. The result is marble rock which is considered for various purposes both for its look as well as tough durability.


However, due to exposure to various elements, oxidation and other reasons, stones generally get spoiled with stains, yellowing and etch on the marble which may rob it from its natural beauty.


Let us now look at 5 most important reasons why marble and limestone should be polished


  • Most important reason is loss of shine which may happen due to constant wear and tear. Marble floors are walked upon, marble tops and platforms are under constant use. Therefore, to restore the natural shine, professional polishing must be done from time to time. Especially renowned hotels and offices with marble structure have routine polishing to maintain the look and elegance.
  • Marble and limestone are much softer than granite. They stand a higher risk of getting etched with the use of various cleaning agents. Movement of objects over the marble surface may also cause etching. Polishing powder becomes useful to remove the etching from the marble surface.
  • Sometimes a white powdery residue appears on the marble surface which is known as efflorescence. Often due to being exposed to large quantities of water, this condition may happen. This can be treated by polishing and has to be dried properly to avoid letting the efflorescence stay back.
  • Yellowing is a very common cause of marble surfaces losing its shine and color. This may happen due to many reasons but the most common reason is oxidation. Sometimes coatings that are used may cause yellowing while dirt, grime and wax deposits may also cause it. Polishing will ensure to restore as much as possible shine to the stone.
  • Water marks and rings may also appear due to the presence of minerals like magnesium and calcium which are left back after water evaporates. A polishing powder may be required to polish the marble surface and get rid of the stains.


Marble maintenance is very important to ensure its look and luster. Regular checks and professional care is required in case of large surface areas like floors. Any discoloration, stain or cracks must be immediately identified and right method of restoration and renovation must be considered.


It is important that marble and limestone must be polished to protect them wear and tear. Daily Tile and Grout Cleaning and polish can be done with materials which are safe to use on the marble or you may also choose to hire professional stone polishing experts. Regular care can maintain the stone in its best form for many years.

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